Sponsorship of a Quran Students


**"Al-Safa Project: Sponsorship of Quran Students"**


Embark on a journey of goodness and positive impact with Al-Safa Academy, where the heart and mind come together to support the teaching of the Holy Quran to our children, youth, and women. The sponsorship project offers a unique opportunity for direct participation in raising a Quranic generation that adheres to its Islamic values and morals.


Through Al-Safa Academy, learning and memorizing the Quran becomes a unique and motivating experience. Join the Al-Safa community in supporting this inspiring journey. Let us collaborate to build a distinguished generation that carries the values of the Holy Quran in their hearts, and let us become a bridge of hope and progress in the lives of these preservers.



Donated: 57
Goal: 300 Rest: 243
Donor Name Item Amount
فاعل خير طالب واحد 20
زهى عبد الخالق 10 طلاب 200
فاعل خير طالبين 40
احمد نزال طالبين 40
مجهول 5 طلاب 100
Sabaa Saleh 3 طلاب 60
Abdullah 5 طلاب 100
مجهول طالبين 40
فاعلة خير طالب واحد 20
فاعل خير طالب واحد 20
نرمين محمد جعفر ابو شعبان 10 طلاب 200
فاعل خير 5 طلاب 100
نرمين محمد جعفر ابو شعبان 10 طلاب 200


Goal: 6000.00
Donations: 1140.00